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Through intensive multi-day programs SVI brings the Silicon Valley ecosystem – entrepreneurs, investors and mentors – together to exchange ideas and learn through doing
All of the bootcamps are virtual and consist of interactive online livestream sessions. 
Earn your certificate from one of SVI’s partnering universities

SVI exists to guide, provide, and connect

  • Participate in workshops led by executives in established companies to learn directly from experience

  • Gain direct access to the infrastructure and synergy of Silicon Valley

  • Meet with seasoned veterans and other startups in the Valley to share ideas 

  • Learn from the successes and failures of others and share your own

  • Come away with strategies to tackle the challenges your venture is facing

  • Validate your ideas with other Silicon Valley entrepreneurs 

  • Build a network of partners, clients, and mentors

Silicon Valley Immersion 


Immersive program to tap into the Silicon Valley tech ecosystem and culture. Understand Silicon Valley’s rules of the game, adopt its winning mindset and build the right kind of network.

  • Connect with 15 to 20 speakers with deep practical expertise on different topics

  • Discover eye-opening insights and learn about entrepreneurship, innovation, and global business impact

  • Learn and experience Silicon Valley through case studies, workshops, and interactive lectures.

  • Explore best practices of innovation and entrepreneurship of leading companies.

Leverage the power of the Silicon Valley ecosystem



Ignite the spark of entrepreneurship

Complete crash course for startup founders to successfully take advantage of the unique ecosystem of Silicon Valley and grow in the U.S.


This is your opportunity to interact with workshop leaders and experts, and solve problems that would have taken you months to figure out on your own. 


Attendees learn in an interactive, small cohort format to gain skills they can immediately apply in their organizations and earn a Certificate from one of SVI’s partnering University. 

Replace your concerns and questions with answers and clarity
  • Sound blueprint, based on practices, to avoid business failure

  • Actionable steps  to launch your business 

  • Tested & proven tactics to run business development 

  • Real world insights to profitably market and grow 

  • Network of key players to initiate partnerships, investments and mentors


Bring Silicon Valley to Your Organization Through Online Programs

SVI has arranged plenty of successful  bootcamps and custom made workshops for startup founders and corporate executives.  SVI has been working with top notch, reputable subject matter of experts  who are Key Opinion Leaders in their respective fields. Our team of experts  has a distinguished  academic background and remarkable field experience.


Every group has its own unique structure, specific objectives and audience. 


SVI would like to partner with you to design and deliver results-driven learning solutions that address your organization’s unique objectives.


We will tailor our proven curriculum to align with your group’s most urgent needs. During the process SVI will collaborate intensely with you to  customize the format, content and speakers of the program. SVI can develop programs that are face to face, online or a blend of both. 


For tailor made programs and bootcamps:

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