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Biz Dev Partners

Glide into the U.S. market with full-service, efficient business development

BD Partners helps startup founders build a business development strategy and put it into action in Silicon Valley all with no exorbitant costs, and as much action as strategy.

  • Biz-Dev Strategy & Network

  • Physical Presence in the U.S.

  • Dedicated & Transparent Execution

BD Partners offers a clear roadmap for entry into the U.S. market and transparent execution.

How we do it

You will be paired Biz-Dev Partner (BDP) and Biz-Dev Representative (BDR) 


Experienced BDP who will combine strategic acumen with extensive insight into your industry  will do the initial assessment of your business, draw up a clear roadmap for you and manage a BDR through the execution of that plan.


Your  paired BDR will be your physical presence in the United States. Your Representative will be a proxy for you with critical business opportunities and will build key external relationships while executing the Biz-Dev plan created by your BDP.

Book a consultation with us to learn how we can accelerate your go to market:

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